An ongoing tagging of plant species will help create three critical plant walks/corridors integrating monitoring stations, permaculture farms, community forests, and other conservation infrastructure. These walks will be developed in the lower, middle and upper regions of the BELT and showcase the unique landscape.

In 2017, a 10-KM plant trail will be developed once the initial 2.6 KM lower BELT trail is finished. Upon that, we will link Yangshila to Kurule-Tenupa by defining a trail, which will help give connectivity across the lower BELT.

The Plant Trail will also be used in 2017 for eco-trips to help generate revenue to further the KTK-BELT project’s objectives, and make the project more self-sustaining in the longterm.

Priyanka Bista, Rajeev Goyal, Anish Shakya, Sanam Pradhan, Pabitra Magar