Over the past year, most of our work concentrated on acquiring land for the local Learning Grounds, creating a concept for the Learning Grounds, and engaging local communities in the stewardship and design of the Learning Grounds. This year, our signature project was the Pragati Chowk Learning Grounds which will function as a youth training space, ICT lab for research and media work and a place where biodiversity data will be stored.

We also began development of Rangcha Learning Grounds, where more than 11,000 compressed earth bricks, with extremely low embedded carbon, climatically adapted, were created. We also created fencing of our Learning Grounds using local bamboo and engaged local labor. All of these construction and design activities have engaged local youth and farmers in income generating activities, which has led to additional support and interest among communities in the project.

Design: Priyanka Bista, Marco Cestarolli, Anish Shakya, Ganga Limbu

Build: Sanam Pradhan, Suman Pradhan, Pabitra Magar, Dasang Tamang, Laxmi Magar, Sarimaya Magar, Suman Rai, Sancha Limbu