April 5, 2019 ktk-belt

Container Ko Cinema by Outdoor Students

Welcome speech by Richa Thapa
Container Ko Cinema Audience

Last night in Yangshila, we screened David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II on ‘Islands’ to a crowd of 350 villagers. Impossible footage that requires no translation. This latest edition of what had come to be known as ‘Containerko Cinema’ was hosted by the outdoor education class VII kids. Collective gasps could be heard when an iguana hatchling frantically fled a throng of hungry snakes & penguins waddled unknowingly into crashing oceans. We thank our special guests from the Netherlands, Florine & Wiebe, for their warm presence. Fantastic urban architecture by Priyanka Bista and the BELT builder team that’s really come into its own now shrouded in passion fruit vines, and lined with lemongrass, coconut and banana. There was a little planet earth of its own transpiring in our biodiversity pond which now has hundreds of frogs in it.

The evening was hosted by Sirjana Biswakarma and Alina Rai with a welcome speech by Richa Thapa. Additionally Neha Limbu, Roma Magar, Alina Rai, Smita Rai, and Krishna Magar proudly presented five outdoor education modules. They showed a film recorded and edited by Ganga Limbu.

Hosts for the night, Srijana Bishwakarma and Alina Rai

Our outdoor kids presenting about their year long modules and all the things they learnt and the fun they had.

Our Special Guests for the Evening.

Kudos to the students for doing everything (the glamorous and non glamorous tasks) from preparing for the seatings, to hosting, to cleaning up the trash, to distributing popcorns. Well done!

Audience with popcorn’s engrossed in “Planet Earth”.

Wiebe playing music for the audience

Next day, we followed the event with a module on outdoor ed hosted by Florine and Wieb where the kids learnt about various issues from the concept of living with water in Netherlands, to climate change impact, to searching, drawing and enacting different plants from the Sikti forest. Wieb additionally played music for the students and taught about musical concepts.

We are grateful to our guests, students and the community for their participation.

On behalf of KTK-BELT, Sabitra High School,  Jansewa Basic School, and the people of Satisale village, we express our great appreciation to Florine and Wiebe for their visit.